Sunday, January 01, 2006

Why I don't list all the stores in each mall

I recently received some feedback from a few visitors asking why I didn't list all the stores in each the malls on my website. One e-mail even suggested a revenue potential by pay-per-click ads to the stores.
Well... besides it being a tremendous amount of work to keep up with the stores in 80+ malls, I'm not trying to take the place of the official mall websites. Taubman, a mall owner, even sued someone (and lost) for a Web site that was "too much" like the mall's official site. I'm not interested in that kind of litigation.
I realize that some people come across my site in an attempt to find the stores listed at the malls (and their telephone numbers), and I regret I can't provide that for them. However, I do provide a link to the official Web site for each mall to obtain that information. And no, I don't get anything for referring visitors to the official mall Web sites. It's a GREAT idea for me to receive money if I provide a link... but so far, no takers :(
Although, I do have a referral program to Macy's, Sears, and Target, I don't earn very much money at all (unless you click the link and buy something).
Sorry folks!
I appreciate the feedback.

Added photos and updated review for Somersville Towne Center in Antioch

Visited Somersville Towne Center in Antioch today. First time since the remodel. New floor looks good, but they forgot the ceiling. It still has mirrored tiles. Ugh.
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Added photos and updated review for the Willows Shopping Center in Concord

Visited the Willows in Concord today. Took some pictures and updated the review.
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New photos and review for Sunvalley Mall

I've taken pictures and updated the review for Sunvalley Mall in Concord. The mall was hopping. Crowded and still very popular.
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