Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Stoneridge Mall Renovation in Full Swing

The minor renovation occurring at Stoneridge Mall in Pleasanton seems to be in full swing. All of the original sunken sitting "pits" have been removed. You can see exposed dirt, which hasn't seen sunlight since 1979. Towards the Macy's Women's store, new floor tiles are being installed in multiple circle patterns. The color is more brown with a marble look. The original floor is white terrazzo. A giant sculpture was precariously moved and leaning against the glass rail on the second story. I tried to push it away to see if it would topple, but it wouldn't budge.

The most exciting part in the renovation is the opening of P.F. Chang's China Bistro and The Cheesecake Factory. Nothing thrills a Tri-Valley resident more than the opening of a national chain restaurant. Wait times to get into Cheesecake factory exceed 2.5 hours, with scantly less for P.F. Chang's. Cleary the new restaurants are a hit. I've uploaded the latest directory, the first with the new restaurants. Both are attached to Macy's Women's.

Typically, I avoid malls during the Christmas crunch, so this was my first visit in many months. Many new stores have opened. It's like an entirely new mall. Once the remodel has finished, I'll take new photos.
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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

The Shops at Tanforan

I recently made a quick trip to The Shops at Tanforan and picked up a directory. Since it's opening in 2005, the mall has matured a bit. Still busy and getting new stores, I'd judge the new mall a success. I'm impressed with the architecture and outstanding use of lighting. So often incorrectly or simply underused, good lighting can make anything look good. I'm glad the architects found it important.

Construction of a Century Theatres is underway and will soon anchor the mall at the food court.

The Shops at Tanforan does have a convenient location, right off the San Bruno BART station. Joining the ranks of other shopping center directly beside the BART line, Westfield San Francisco Centre, Bayfair Center, and soon, Stoneridge Shopping Center.

Although I dislike pointing out one's flaws, the directory had some noticeable mistakes, such as, the name of the street that borders the mall! They have printed "Sheath Lane" when it is really "Sneath Lane." Yikes!

Also, I also scanned the insert that came with the directory. Does anyone know what it's a list of? And no, the back does not have any indications ;)

As for the aerial view, I chose MSN because you can view the aerial, which is before the mall was gutted and remodeled, then switch the bird's eye view to see the mall as it was taken a few months ago.


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See the aerial view.

Friday, January 05, 2007

Eighties Meadowood Mall Reno

Happy new year to all!
I thought I'd start out 2007 with a retro visit to Meadowood Mall in Reno Nevada.
The pictures are a scan of the directory I picked up in 1989. Being a Taubman mall, you can spot many of the hallmarks, such as lights in the skylights and unique art. On one side, you can make out Miller's Outpost and on the other, Miller Stockman.
The directory is before Sears joined the mall, which included the addition of a food court. Rare indeed for Taubman.
A unique service offered by the mall in 1989 is language assistance in Icelandic. Not many malls go to such lengths to welcome visitors from Iceland (or perhaps, Manitoba?).
Meadowood Mall opened in 1978 with Macy's, Liberty House, and JC Penney. Liberty House closed in 1983 and Macy's South moved in the following year. Sears eventually left the soon to be demolished Park Lane Mall for Meadowood in the Nineties and the rest is history.
The Summit Sierra shopping center is currently competing with Meadowood for top-spot. The Summit Sierra has only one department store (Dillard's) and is an open-air power center. Walking from store to store isn't an option and you must drive. However, being new, The Summit Sierra is currently very popular. Nevertheless, it's the test of time that will eventually tell. Enclosed mall vs. power center. Who do you think will win?

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See the aerial view.