Saturday, June 14, 2008

Mall at Northgate Renovation

Finally, the Mall at Northgate is remodeling!

I've scanned a brochure that is available at the mall. The good news is, the mall will remain enclosed. Originally, Macerich, owners of the mall, announced they were going to rip the roof off and make this a lifestyle center. However, it looks as if they changed their mind (and good for us). Besides, Northgate is still the only enclosed mall in Marin county.

The brochure promises the following changes:
* An interior renovation and an exciting new exterior design.
* An outdoor place with new restaurants and cafes.
* An indoor/outdoor food court near Century Theatres.
* An updated Rite-Aid.
* A new grand entrance off Del Presido.
* A new landscaped pedestrian and bike pathway - "the Promenade" around the property.
* New community gathering places for meeting, relaxing, and local events.
* New retail and dining choices geared towards the interests of San Rafael residents.

Northgate Mall is definitely overdue for a makeover. My last visit last weekend showed a tried and outdated mall. It's the only mall where I could sit at the food court an observe, all within 10 minutes: a pimp counting his hundreds, whores ordering Thai, a mentally challenged person running into a garbage can, and a drunk stumbling around. Hey, whatever floats your boat.

Renovation has already begun with the vacating of all the stores on the east side of the mall between Macy's and Sears.

Anyway, I look forward to a fancy new mall.


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Thursday, June 05, 2008

Mervyn's Leaving Alameda Towne Centre

Mervyn's at Alameda Towne Centre (formerly South Shore Center) will be closing its doors on July 31, 2008. Mervyn's had been unable to renogotiate their lease with Harsch Investment Properties, the mall's owner and operator.

Before the ink dried on the press release, another press release was released announcing the arrival of Kohl's at Alameda Towne Centre. You can expect a grand opening in spring 2009.

I've attached an article from the Oakland Tribue, dated September 29, 1972 announcing the grand opening of Mervyn's at South Shore Center on Wednesday October 4, 1972.

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