Thursday, August 06, 2009

Grand Century Shopping Mall - San Jose

Another micromall in the Silicon Valley, the Grand Century shopping mall in San Jose caters to the Vietnamese market. Grand Century hosts 74 stores inside the mall. A true community shopping center, you can get your hair cut, your teeth cleaned, pick up a $3,000 diamond ring, then have Phở while visiting with friends and loved ones.

All the eateries were grouped together on the west side of the mall, forming a long food court. We found an extensive selection of Vietnamese cuisine served by friendly people. Ignorant of local favorites, I played it safe by pointing to a picture of soup. Yet, nearly everyone was enjoying a big plate of greens that appeared like the big salad on steroids. Someone please explain it to me.

As far as micromalls go, Grand Century was much larger than I expected. Although the building is similar in size to the Wal-Mart next door. The parking lot was crowded and the mall, at times, filled with people. The community seems to love this mall.

Once again I'm baffled that ethnicity or culture plays a role in mall appreciation. While malls this size in middle America have died or are dying, Asian micromalls are enjoying popularity.


See the aerial view.