Saturday, March 31, 2012

Petaluma Village Premium Outlets

Petaluma Village Premium Outlets, or just the "Petaluma Outlets," is a factory outlet center 30 to 45 minutes north of San Francisco. In my travels, I've often past this center and rarely stopped. It was time to give it a fair shake.
Entrance sign.

First and foremost, the shopping center is difficult to get to. There is no freeway connection and you have to exit well before you see the sign. Once you've finally made the right exit, it's easy to pass the only entrance to the mall. A u-turn later and we were in.

Unique architecture.
Art piece.

Once in the center, it is pleasantly landscaped. A number of desirable stores were available and a few even sucked me in.

When reviewing this outlet center, I felt compelled to compare it to Napa Outlets, which has a lot of great stores in a compact design. However, the architecture at Petaluma Outlets far outweighs the Napa Outlets, the people were friendlier, and the selection of stores is good enough.

A small enclosed food court used to be available, but is now closed. Therefore, there are no food options at this mall, just a coffee shop. Bring snacks.

In all honesty, I expected to not like Petaluma Outlets, but I was wrong. It's worth a visit if you are a factory outlet shopper.


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