Wednesday, March 15, 2006

The Summit Sierra Opens Today

Today is the grand opening of The Summit Sierra shopping center in south Reno. With the debut of many Reno-exclusive stores, this center ought to give Meadowood Mall a run for its money. However, Meadowood does have the better location and a roof. Both Park Lane and Shoppers Square both started as open-air centers, but both put on roofs to provide protection from the cold Reno winters. The Summit Sierra will test the theory that an excellent mix of desireable stores set in an open-air environment can outperform enclosed malls.

Long range plans for The Summit Sierra include a hotel and resort. In the future, the Summit Sierra mall may cater exclusively to tourists.

One thing that bugs me... the name. Why "The Summit Sierra"? Didn't the owners Google the name? If they did, they would have found out there are other Summit Sierras, yet, none of them are associated with a shopping mall. In fact, most visitors to my site have typed in "summit sierra mall," which could explain why no one is finding the official site of The Summit Sierra. Interesting concept.

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