Sunday, August 01, 2010

Top 10 Largest Malls in Northern California by Size

The following list represents the top 10 largest mall in Northern California and Reno, but no malls in Reno made the list (sorry western Nevada). Size is determined by Gross Leasable Area (GLA) or leasable retail space. GLA provided by mall owners or operators and may differ due to rounding or opinion. Honestly, it's difficult to get two people to agree... even from the same mall.

Top 10 Largest Malls

1. Westfield San Francisco Centre - San Francisco (1,500,000 sq. ft.)

2. Westfield Valley Fair - San Jose (1,475,600 sq. ft.) tied with Stanford Shopping Center - Palo Alto (1,475,600 sq. ft.)

3. Eastridge - San Jose (1,358,684 sq. ft.)

4. Westfield Galleria at Roseville - Roseville (1,336,009 sq. ft.)

5. Vallco Mall - Cupertino (1,324,133 sq. ft.)

6. Sunvalley Shopping Center - Concord (1,323,000 sq. ft.)

7. Great Mall of the Bay Area - Milpitas (1,300,000 sq. ft.)

8. Southland Mall - Hayward (1,284,591 sq. ft.)

9. Stoneridge Shopping Center - Pleasanton (1,283,000 sq. ft.)

10. Hillsdale Shopping Center - San Mateo (1,250,000 sq. ft.)


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Minnesota Mall Stores said...

I used to go to Sun Valley Mall quite a bit when I worked in the area. For something that looks rather old I was surprised how well it actually seemed to be doing.

Anonymous said...

actually, westfield roseville galleria is about 1.5 million square feet of shopping space. source from the westfield website (development section)

Scott Parsons said...

The source of the Westfield Galleria at Roseville square footage is from

I was not able to find the 1.5 million sq. ft. In the Developments section. Please provide a link if you can and I will make an update.

GLA and building size often differ. That might explain the descrepency.

Anonymous said...

According to Westfield's 2010 Annual Report, SF Centre has 1,460,778 SQF in lettable area vs. Valley Fair's 1,477,769 SQF. Roseville is listed at 1,182,825 SQF.

shopping malls philippines said...

Thanks for sharing those lists of a shopping mall there. Hope to see more photos of those malls. I also want to see those malls in person.


Anonymous said...

The Westfield link is really dated. San Francisco Centre's actual size, according to a Westfield SF official via e-mail & one of its developers JCDecaux, is 1,564,533 square feet making it larger than Valley Fair. In spite of this, SF Centre is NOT the largest in Northern California nor even San Francisco. Measuring in at 46 acres(roughly 2 million square feet) incl. Aquarium of the Bay is Pier 39 as N. Cal's largest!

Anonymous said...

It should be noted that the figures give are for total leasable area. Valley Fair's 1.479 mil. sq. ft. translates to 100% of its available space as being leasable for retail, whereas its not the case with Westfield San Francisco Center. Approximately 150,000 sq. of Westfield San Francisco Centre's over 1.5 million sq. ft. is reserved for SF State University & offices, not retail. In contrast, 100% of Valley Fair's 1.479 million square feet of occupable space is available for lease. Whichever way you look at it, Westfield San Francisco Centre is larger than Valley Fair. Hope this clears up the confusion.