Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Del Monte Center Monterey

After a recent visit to the beautiful Monterey Peninsula, I've updated my review of the Del Monte Center mall. Four years have lapsed since my last visit and the mall indeed has changed some. Many new stores and still some favorites, the atmosphere still was inviting and encouraged lingering. New is a Century Cinemas, built off to one end, but close enough to walk to the mall for before or after-movie dining.

I still find it amazing that a mall with only two anchors manages to do so well. Occupancy was bursting and shoppers aplenty. After a visit to the congested and lack-of-parking downtown, we were pleased to find plenty of free parking.

Visit my review of Del Monte Center.


Georob said...

Like the doomed Park Lane Mall in Reno, Del Monte is one of those creatures that would not survive in a larger region. Fortunately, Monterey/Carmel is unlikely to see any huge growth any time soon(if ever) and whatever growth DOES come will be served by the power centers in Seaside and Sand City.

But the comparisons to Park lane end there. I visited Del Monte about two weekends ago and what struck me most about it is that is truly a "step back in time" to the outdoor malls of a generation ago. Frankly, I expected to turn the corner and see old favorites lite Roos-Atkins, Smith's and Joseph Magnin.

Not that it looks dated, though. All the stores there are current names, and even though it's upscale, it's not filled with the Rodeo Drive-type retailers that have taken over places like Stanford.

hushpuppy said...

Not to nitpick, georob, but I don't think Del Monte never had a Joseph Magnin. Both I Magnin and Joseph Magnin were in Carmel. Del Monte had a Saks Fifth Avenue. Very classy.

BIGMallrat said...

I can with certainty that Saks was at Carmel Plaza. I don't remember I. Magnin nor Jospeh Magnin to say. Although, I think I. Magnin was also in Carmel Plaza. The awning over the doors was similiar to the Walnut Creek store. When they closed, Saks took over their location, which is why they had two locations in the center. Just a guess.