Monday, August 14, 2006

We Only Have Black

Macy's is reporting that they will be requiring their employees to wear all black to make them more visible to customers. Some Macy's employees have complained, and rightfully so, because being identifiable could make them targets by senseless customers.

Macy's is generously offering its employees a special 50% off black merchandise for a limited time. Not bad, considering they could have just changed their policy and told them to do it or be fired. We may want to key on eye on eBay for an influx of black clothing in the coming weeks.

At one time, uniforms were the norm and street clothes entirely unseen. Remember the turquoise Kmart smock? This reversal of casualness could bode well for shoppers, who've always preferred uniformed employees. Target requires its employees to wear khaki pants and red shirts. Wal-Mart, well, is just happy to have cheap labor with most of their teeth.

The bad news? Any fashionists who dons all black and shops at Macy's could face a barrage of questions, such as "do you have this in small?" "where are the bathrooms?" and "my baby just threw up."

The good news? Macy's could expand their slogan base. "We're a part of your life" could be expanded to "and death." How about, "is it a funeral? No, it's Macys! They are just DYING to see you."


Steven Swain said...

I guess the new policy will give a more polished look, kind of like employees at Saks, but really, there's no need for all the black. Professional attire could be enforced using other colors, I'm sure.

Besides, black cotton fades, so a good portion ofthe workforce couls be the "gray nation" in about 6 months.

BIGMallrat said...

Think sales of WOOLITE® Dark Laundry Wash will spike?

Georob said...

I give it a year, if that! Macy's will get tired of it and want to try something else. Or if it's a success, someone else will try and copy it, and if the "copier" is anyone who's considered downscale (Penneys, Kohl's, or even Target) Macys could pull it even faster.

Now, I remember when places like Woolworths had the light blue/turquoise smocks. NOBODY copied that!