Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Retail Memories - The Big E Hillsdale

I *LOVE* this ad. Many thanks to a loyal fan for sending it to me. There is nothing more I remember of The Emporium than the giant "E." Always a site at many West-Bay Emporium Capwell locations until the very end.

Nevertheless, it looks as if The Emporium joined Hillsdale Mall in September 12, 1962. And late-night shopping until 9:30!

I was surprised to find Macy's preceded The Emporium by nearly 8 years at Hillsdale! What took The Emporium so long?



Anonymous said...

Such a cute ad. Emporium's not a s big on specifics as Macy's was, but it's just as effective.

hushpuppy said...

Macy's Hillsdale was the company's very first suburban shopping center store so they probably felt the need to define what we now refer to as 'the customer experience'.

By contrast, in 1962, the Emporium already had three suburban stores so Peninsula shoppers knew what to expect.

In the beginning days of shopping centers, it was considered bad business for competing anchor stores to open in the same shopping center. Emporium opened in Stonestown, Stanford, Stevens Creek. Capwell's opened in El Cerrito Plaza. Macy's opened in Hillsdale, Valley Fair, and Bay Fair. It wasn't until 1961, when Macy's opened in Stanford, that a Bay Area shopping center featured two competing anchors.