Monday, November 06, 2006

Bay Street Emeryville Expanding

The East Bay Business Times is reporting the City of Emeryville is using money and eminent domain to acquire 3.3 acres of land to expand Bay Street Emeryille.

The land is bounded by Powell Street to the north, the train tracks to the east, Shellmound to the west and Bay Street to the south. The aerial view will give you a pretty good idea. Consider the land is a mix of five properties, all considered "blighted" by the City.

Business at Bay Street must be good and the public doesn't seem to mind paying to park. As long as the tenant mix is desirable and remains a strong draw, Bay Street will have no problem keeping shoppers.

Consider this, the last news to come out of Bay Street was the announcement H&M will be joining the line up spring 2007.


For the full story.

Visit the Bay Street website.

See the current aerial.

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