Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Vintage Postcards: Broadway Plaza in Walnut Creek

Here's a pre-1960 gem showing the famed Broadway Plaza in Walnut Creek. Pictured is the glorious sign and view down Broadway.

The back of the card reads "Broadway Shopping Center. This view shows only a portion of this rapidly expanding business district. The city is situated in the shadow of famed Mt. Diablo and has grown in less than a score of years from a peaceful farming area to a friendly bustling shipping center. Predictions have the county population to half a million by 1960 and over a million by 1990." I wonder if they meant "shipping center"? Their population estimates were close. In 1990, Contra Costa County had 803,732 people. In 2005, Contra Costa County had 1,023,400 people.

I love the giant oak tree in the background of the picture on the right. The ancient tree, since felled, is now the home of Il Fornaio restaurant in the Broadway Pointe shopping center.

The hip sign would look good today, perhaps with an updated stand. Nevertheless, you won't find any such sign this size there today. Perhaps due to a strict sign ordinance.


See the current aerial.

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Jonah N. said...

Mt. Diablo...that sounds menacing.