Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Wall Divides Mall

From the files of "the worst ideas, ever!" these exclusive photographs show the dividing of Eastridge Mall by two-story skybridges.

Previous to the most-recent renovation, this was the mall's idea to improve circulation and flow. However, the additional skybridges acted more as a wall and divided the once great mall.

The mysterious middle level made elevator-placement tricky. What we are looking at is their best effort. Now I understand why they wanted to remove the mystery level altogether.

These photos are courtesy of Dean Lundstrom.

See the current aerial.

Visit my review of Eastridge Mall.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like I'm the only one who liked the mysterious middle level.

I go for anything different, and that was.

Jonah N. said...

Hmmm...I think now I understand the middle level better. The old one was kind of confusing at best...now at least it looks real and not some kind of MC Escher design.

Mayumi said...

Wow, I don't live in the Bay Area anymore and haven't been to Eastridge in years. But I remember ditching school(!) and hanging out in those crazy walkways.

Anonymous said...

Hello, is there any way to contact the photographer of those pics? I could be in a couple of those pictures.

Thank you.