Saturday, August 02, 2008

Vintage Postcards: Eastridge Mall

Here is a rare Eastridge Mall postcard showing the view towards JCPenney from the Sears court.

The back of the postcard reads: "Eastridge Shopping Center, the largest in the West, is a shopper's paradise comprising over 160 shops and four major department stores under one roof. The three climate controlled levels are unique in their bold design. Capitol Expressway, Tully, and Quimby Roads, San Jose, California."

As a recipient of this postcard, after reading the description, I'd flip over the card to look at the picture and ask "what three levels?" Maybe this is a "collect them all" situation.

Some of the stores featured in this postcard is The Clothes Barn with Singer just below it. You can see Jarman in the center court, whch is seen prominently from the Sears court (a feature of Taubman malls, inline shops have high visibility).

See the current aerial.

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dean said...

Nice postcard! It's actually of the Sears court looking towards the Center Court. JC Penney is way down at the opposite end. For some reason, Sears never had a sculpture in their court though I notice that there are little plants growing on what was perhaps going to be the base for one. Just my guess...

BIGMallrat said...

Now it makes sense! Thanks Dean! I've updated the description.

scoob said...

With regards to your comment about the "three levels" - either the mall was built on a little hill, or the mall and parking lot were designed this way, but if you imagine a "split-level" or "bi-level" home, the mall was originally designed with a mini "third" level closer towards the center of the mall, at the intersection of all of its appendages.

After the latest remodel however (which improved the mall), they completely removed that section.