Thursday, January 15, 2009

Innovative Marketing Means Free Imbibement for Men

My award for most innovative marketing scheme for 2008 goes to Reno's Meadowood Mall, which sought to entice male shoppers with its "Free Beer" campaign.

Yes, FREE beer... for one-night only (sorry folks, you already missed it; it was December 22, 2008).

Male shoppers, who have been unfairly stereotyped as selfish, are suddenly finding themselves with a reward for thinking of others.

According to Siobhan McAndrew (2008), men who register with guest services will receive a ticket for a free beer at Bully’s Sports Bar (in the mall), a coupon for free gift wrapping of purchases made at the mall, and a chance to win prizes, including a TV and gift certificates, from mall merchants.

The marketing manager was thinking ahead. Male shoppers needed to be present for the prize drawings that occurred at 8 P.M.

Weeks after the program expired, we are still waiting to hear if the marketing program worked, but I suspect it did.

In other news, female shoppers at Meadowood Mall are rewarded with free tap water, wrapping their own gifts, no prizes, and tired feet.


McAndrew, S. (2008, December 18). Meadowood Mall offering free beer for men on Monday night. Reno Gazette-Journal. Retrieved from

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