Monday, July 06, 2009

Vintage Directories: Hillsdale Mall 1982

Here is a vintage mall directory from Hillsdale Mall in San Mateo, California. I estimate it to be from around 1982 since I picked up this directory on my way to the record store to buy the Taco single "Putting on the Ritz." Yes, that's dated in itself.

The mall directory is printed on heavy stock paper, but is not in color. It was clearly cut with a pair of scissors, too.

You may need to put on your bifocals to read the store names. This shear size of this directory stretched Photoshop to the limit. I intended to post the front side of the directory, too, but it was just too big. Another day, perhaps.


Read my guide to Hillsdale Mall

Visit the current Website.

See the aerial view.


thelocalhistorian said...

I [heart] you. Thanks! :)

thelocalhistorian said...

You know, that could be the single largest listing of shoe stores I've ever seen in one mall.

grif said...

It's like reliving my teen years! G. HQ, Banana Republic, and Nordstroms are the 3 places I probably spent the most money.

Anonymous said...

My first visit to the mall was a year after that. The Cost Plus Dungeon is there... For those of you who never got a chance to go there around that time: Cost plus was located "under" the mall. Look for it in the map.