Monday, October 05, 2009

Bayfair Mall - New Food Court

One word to describe Bayfair Mall's new food court... Finally!

Having survived the high-crime days of Bayfair Mall that made me hesitate to enter any niche without a secondary escape route, it was a pleasant surprise to find the new food court opened and ready for business.

The food court has been reconfigured and looks like it may only hold 4 to 6 eateries, but it's a huge improvement. The owners also removed one of the enclosing stores at the entrance to the food court, which opened up the food court to the mall, thus eliminating that claustrophobic feeling that once persisted.

In addition, the clunky elevator has been replaced by a set of escalators to the newly reopened second floor. You may remember when the old owners built a wall, sealing off that long second-floor corridor between the center court and the south parking lot. The wall has come down and now it's an easy walk to the cinema across the parking lot. I'd bet the old owners of this mall are kicking themselves for not attaching the cinema to the mall.

Remodeling at Bayfair has been ongoing for 5 years now. Still, the center is about 50-60% complete. Now that the food court is done, what next?


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