Monday, January 25, 2010

Popeyes Closes at Cupertino Square - Food Court in Peril

The food court at Cupertino Square mall in Cupertino slides a little closer to oblivion with the closure of the Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen restaurant franchise. No word on why the restaurant closed, but it's a fair assumption that the lack of foot traffic may have played a pivotal role.

The food court was remodeled in 2008 and a number of eateries have opened and closed. Currently, five restaurants occupy the food court: Subway Sandwiches, Burger King, Chiaramonte Deli, Teriyaki Experience, and Tutti Frutti. A number of "coming soon" signs alert customers to new eateries, such as a Thai restaurant. However, after a year of waiting, there is no reason to believe they are coming.

Son Son Company, the Vietnamese food processing entity that owns the mall, has a lot of work ahead to turn around the beleaguered shopping center. Changes may be ahead. The TVs no longer blare political debates on CNN; instead showing ESPN, Cartoon Network, and even Cupertino Square's own commercial.

The pictures above were taken today and show the old Popeyes and a view of the deserted mall at noon on a Monday.



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