Friday, January 01, 2010

Vintage Postcards: Sunvalley Mall Center Court Redux

Yet another postcard showing the center court of Sunvalley Mall in Concord, California. Unlike the earlier postcard of this same scene, the camera placement allows the viewer to see all the way down to Sears at the far end of the mall.

The postcard's coloring is mostly intact and you can better appreciate the gold-roofed information booth, as well as the early-Seventies inspired flowered mural on the wall above the mall walkway.

The back of the postcard reads: "Over 120 stores are located on the two levels of the mammoth mall at SunValley, the world's largest enclosed, air conditioned shopping center."


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See the current aerial view.


Livemalls said...

So much to love about this photo. Very nice.

Hushpuppy212 said...

I remember this mall from when it opened! Thise murals aren't from the early 70's, they're vintage 1967.

BTW: That's Macy's on the right

Randy Hansen said...

I have just created a Facebook group devoted to Sunvalley Mall! Please feel free to join!

Christine H. said...

Now I know where to go in my time-traveling machine to buy that big macrame wall hanging.

Evelyn Yvonne Theriault said...

This is just a little note to let you know that this blog post has been featured at A Festival of Postcards (7th Ed.) Light which you can see over here:
Your entry is in the "Downtown" section about half way through.
Have a good day,
Evelyn in Montreal