Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Liberty House and Rhodes Join Forces 1972

In my perusing to find information on Liberty House, I stumbled across this brilliant ad for calculators in 1972.

Offered at the lowest price they've ever had, a bulking monster of a calculator is priced at an unbelievable low $68.99!

The Summit K-116 "pocket calculator" (lower right corner) is offered at $89.99. It includes a fancy leather case. This calculator was LED... and I know because we owned this model. It broke, but I had no idea my parents used an entire paycheck to buy it.

Partially-related, an ad in the upper right corner announced the joining of forces of Liberty House and Rhodes Stores. Both stores were owned by Amfac and it seemed a logical combination. However, disparities existed between the Liberty House and Rhodes Stores locations, typically in store size. Liberty House was typically much larger and preferred mall locations. Rhodes had off-mall locations and typically smaller footprints, such as Concord and Dublin. Nevertheless, the union lasted until Liberty House left the mainland altogether.



Randy said...

Here are the 16 store locations of the Liberty House/Rhodes chain -


4. UNION SQUARE (City of Paris)
5. STONESTOWN (C of P'S branch)


6. OAKLAND (Downtown)
7. CONCORD (Park n Shop)
8. DUBLIN (Golden Hills SC)
9. MOUNTAIN VIEW (San Antonio Center)
10. FRESNO (Manchester Center)
11 & 12. SACRAMENTO (Southgate Center & Country Club Centre)
14. GATEWAY CENTER (Portland)
15. VILLA PLAZA (Lakewood, WA)
16. DOWNTOWN TACOMA (first Rhodes store)

BIGMallrat said...

Thanks Randy!

Randy said...

In addition, there was also the Rhodes Southwest chain which remained separate from Liberty House/Rhodes until 1977. Their stores were located in Phoenix (Camelview and Metrocenter), Albuquerque (Coronado Center), El Paso (Cielo Vista Mall), and San Antonio (Wonderland and North Star Mall*). *Via acquisition of the Wolff & Marx branch.

Maria S said...

Interesting comments from the Liberty House and Rhodes Stores. I worked for Liberty House in Oakland as an assistant buyer from 1974-1977. I recall no Rhodes in Oakland, unless the buying offices were newly created when I was hired. I enjoyed my time when I worked for Jim Della, Buyer for Domestics and Towels, as we used to call it.

Also, worked for the Hecht both in Baltimore and Washington DC when they merged, another great company where the clientele had class. Nothing like today's customers.