Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Macy's Sunrise Mall, Citrus Heights

The Macy's at Sunrise Mall in Citrus Heights is an architectural copy of the Macy's store at Southland Mall in Hayward. Both were former Liberty House stores.

The Sunrise Mall location opened October 18, 1972 and was Liberty House's fifth Northern California store (S.F. Liberty House, 1972). Preceded by a Liberty House at Eastridge Mall in San Jose, City of Paris by Liberty House in San Francisco Union Square, and City of Paris Liberty House at Stonestown Mall in San Francisco.

Although the Liberty House locations at Southland and Eastridge both were filled by Emporium-Capwell stores after the demise of Liberty House in 1984, Sunrise Mall already had a Weinstock's. The store sat empty until Macy's moved from its Birdcage Walk location across the street.

** Corrected, Macy's moved its womens' departments from Birdcage, leaving the men's and furnishings at Birdcage until Macy's took over the Weinstock's location at Sunrise Mall. Who drove to the wrong Macy's at least once?

Old photos can be found at the Department Store Museum blog.


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Randy said...

After Liberty House closed, Macy's moved their women's departments into the LH space, leaving the men's and home merchanise (including furniture), before moving those into Weinstock's

Anonymous said...

I would love to see the original layout and list of stores of Birdcage Walk. That would make my day !