Thursday, May 19, 2011

Vallco Shopping Mall Construction 2011

The mysterious lower level at Vallco Shopping Mall (previously, Cupertino Square, previously Vallco Fashion Park) is, under construction.

After discovering the walls around the portal to the lower level removed, I raced downstairs and found an open door. These exclusive photos show the lower level under construction. This view is from the cinema towards Macy's.

Vallco mall directories have long stated "under construction" for the lower level, which made its debut the 80s, then disappeared in the 00s.

Remark from a curious bystander: "what are they going to fill it with?" Vallco, considered a "dead mall," is suffering from low occupancy. Good question.



Randy said...

Could Dillard's be reconsidered after scrapping that original project?

Maynard's Dad said...

After moving to "Red State" America, I've become familiar with Dillard's and I don't think it would be a good fit with the Bay Area. Don't get me wrong--I like the place--but it seems like a Yankee version of Grace Brothers from "Are You Being Served?" in that it's about twenty years behind the times and everyone there seems to like it that way. When I first stepped into one, I felt like I was in an Emporium store, circa 1985! I liked it for the nostalgia, but I don't think it would do anything for the average shopper.

Rob said...

When Gottschalks went under I thought Dillards would try to move into the Central Valley, since the demographics there are closer to Dillard's traditional markets in the South.

Unfortunately, Dillards supposedly has problems of its own as does the Central Valley. Dillards has one store in Stockton and that's as far as they will probably go.

As for Vallco, the best use for the property is probably office or residential, unless they want to turn it into a power center a la Westgate. Stanford, Valley Fair, and Santana Row pretty much have the high end retail for Silicon Valley.

Anonymous said...

They can't even fill the upper floor. How are they gonna fIll the lower one.