Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Vintage Stanford Shopping Center with F. W. Woolworth's

Here's one for the history buffs. Woolworth's at one of the Bay Area's most chic shopping malls. In fact, Woolworth's survived well into the late Eighties (maybe even the early Nineties). It was the only place one could buy an Aspirin if you had a headache.

The back of the card reads "The Mall of Stanford Shopping Center. Leisurely shopping in ultra modern department stores and a large variety of the best specialty shops. Located on west side of El Camino Real, Calif."

My guess is the picture was taken in the late Fifties to early Sixties.

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Steven Swain said...

I wish Woolworth (or something like it) was still at most malls. They were perfect for all those little sundries you need while out shopping. Cool postcard.

dean said...

I almost forgot how Stanford Shopping center used to look. I remember it being very much like the other outdoor malls around the bay. Somehow they resisted enclosing their mall and still remained huge success. (My former boss did the remodel.)

I love the "mushroom" lamps in the landscaping, and doesn't that look like an Amish family walking in front of Woolworth's? I guess Palo Alto was still pretty rural that that time. ;)

BIGMallrat said...

Ha ha! Amish...
Was that Field Paoli?

dean said...

Yes, John Field, (of at that time Bull Field Volkman Stockwell), did the remodel of Stanford Shopping Center. Somehow he convinced the owners of keeping the place open-air when all other malls were enclosing theirs -- thought that there was never a better climate for an open-air mall. The result is what you see now.

Rebecca said...

I remember that there used to be a Woolworth's at Westfield Valley Fair.
I think it was there until the very early 90's (92 at the latest).

Unknown said...

I came out from Maine and spent the summer of 1987 working at that mall in the linen department of the Emporium! I fell in love that summer with an Emporium Loss Prevention employee! My lunch hours were spent coming outside and just strolling the corridors of the outdoor mall and enjoying the sunlight before having to return to the dismally lit linen dept! Very nice coworkers, manager, etc. A great summer job for my first California experience!