Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Fountain in Sunvalley Mall

This picture holds special memories for me. I can remember throwing pennies in the fountain as a kid. The black stonework of the fountain created a dramatic contrast for the various shades of copper and silver coins, sparkling through the water.

The back of the card reads: "Sunvalley Shopping Center. 'Dills and Dandelions' feature dandelions and various other petaled flowers on 40 foot fiberglass stems. These flowered kinetics are rooted in the first level main fountain and shoot through a large airway into the second level Great Hall. They will move and sing when air is blown on them from hidden fans. Six-foot long attractive metal bugs cling to several of the flowers lending a Brobdingnagian atmosphere to the Great Hall."

Your word of the day is "Brobdingnagian," which means "Of or relating to a gigantic person or thing."

The photo must have been taken in the Seventies because the artwork was removed and the fountain downscaled in the early Eighties. In 1985, the fountain was removed to make way for the renovation (prompted by a plane crash).

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