Wednesday, January 10, 2007

The Shops at Tanforan

I recently made a quick trip to The Shops at Tanforan and picked up a directory. Since it's opening in 2005, the mall has matured a bit. Still busy and getting new stores, I'd judge the new mall a success. I'm impressed with the architecture and outstanding use of lighting. So often incorrectly or simply underused, good lighting can make anything look good. I'm glad the architects found it important.

Construction of a Century Theatres is underway and will soon anchor the mall at the food court.

The Shops at Tanforan does have a convenient location, right off the San Bruno BART station. Joining the ranks of other shopping center directly beside the BART line, Westfield San Francisco Centre, Bayfair Center, and soon, Stoneridge Shopping Center.

Although I dislike pointing out one's flaws, the directory had some noticeable mistakes, such as, the name of the street that borders the mall! They have printed "Sheath Lane" when it is really "Sneath Lane." Yikes!

Also, I also scanned the insert that came with the directory. Does anyone know what it's a list of? And no, the back does not have any indications ;)

As for the aerial view, I chose MSN because you can view the aerial, which is before the mall was gutted and remodeled, then switch the bird's eye view to see the mall as it was taken a few months ago.


Read my guide to The Shops at Tanforan

Visit the current Website.

See the aerial view.


Jeff said...

Im pretty sure that insert is a list of all the carts and locations.

Bobby said...

A brand new mall with an Anna's Linens in it. Weird.

Bobby said...

Okay, my bad, it's not a new mall. Still a bit of a strange history.

By the way, in case you don't know, the Target is a former Emporium.

Steven Swain said...

Very pointy food court. That's kind of cool.

Georob said...

It's encouraging to see so many decent clothing stores, especially since Tanforan doesn't have an upscale anchor. Of course, that means less competition for the smaller stores.

In my opinion, one cannot overlook the power of Barnes & Noble as an anchor, as it CAN draw a young and sophisticated, clientele the way Macys and Nordstrom can (though on a snaller scale). Old Navy also has that effect. too.

The one looming question mark for Tanforan and other malls is what's going to happen to Sears. Rumor has it that eventually all the free standing KMarts will convert to Sears which would lead me to think that a lot of the old mall Sears will close. Especially two level locations like Tanforan.

Hopefully that crisis is still many years away.

Jonah N. said...

Any idea on what ReBath is? I saw it once on a dead mall in Corpus Christi.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe that the mall's directory would print the cross street as Sheath Lane, not Sneath Lane. Guess the mall's execs then didn't care about misspellings.