Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Stoneridge Mall Renovation in Full Swing

The minor renovation occurring at Stoneridge Mall in Pleasanton seems to be in full swing. All of the original sunken sitting "pits" have been removed. You can see exposed dirt, which hasn't seen sunlight since 1979. Towards the Macy's Women's store, new floor tiles are being installed in multiple circle patterns. The color is more brown with a marble look. The original floor is white terrazzo. A giant sculpture was precariously moved and leaning against the glass rail on the second story. I tried to push it away to see if it would topple, but it wouldn't budge.

The most exciting part in the renovation is the opening of P.F. Chang's China Bistro and The Cheesecake Factory. Nothing thrills a Tri-Valley resident more than the opening of a national chain restaurant. Wait times to get into Cheesecake factory exceed 2.5 hours, with scantly less for P.F. Chang's. Cleary the new restaurants are a hit. I've uploaded the latest directory, the first with the new restaurants. Both are attached to Macy's Women's.

Typically, I avoid malls during the Christmas crunch, so this was my first visit in many months. Many new stores have opened. It's like an entirely new mall. Once the remodel has finished, I'll take new photos.
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See the aerial view.


dean said...

I was surprised they chose to do these projects through the holiday period. Although I will miss the sunken seating pits, they were not practical for those with disabilities. I have seen the circular paving patterns outside the entrance near the new restaurants. If they are repeating those inside the mall itself, I will consider it to be very unfortunate. It seems like it is all too often that a remodel is done to a building without consideration for the design that is already present. Stoneridge has a rich angular geometry in it's layout and ceiling design. Certainly someone could have come up with a more imaginative approach other than introducing foreign elements such as circles. I look forward to seeing how it all turns out.

Steven Swain said...

I agree with Dean. When they redesign these malls, they need to consider the original design instead of grafting trendy bric-a-brac onto buildings.

Still is nice to see a new Cheesecake Factory though :-)

Patrick said...

It's about time Stoneridge did something worth while. Going back and fourth from Denver to the Bay Area, there is a tremendous difference in building there as opposed to here. You cannot compare Stoneridge to Cherry Creek mall in Denver, even though both were built by the same company. Stoneridge has not been kept up to date like Cherry Creek, and it is unfortunate because they could have kept it looking much better by doing minor details rather than waiting almost 20 years later for the next renovation to occur.

Jonah N. said...

I think Stoneridge could have tried a bit harder. I despise splitting department stores, and they could make one BIG Macy's store and turn the other into maybe a big-box store (Super Target, anyone?) or a (lightning flashes) NEW CONCEPT! This here has a better res directory. Note the sloppy erasure. Also, it erks me when they add a building that's attached to the mall but does not open into it.