Thursday, June 16, 2011

Grand Opening of Capwell's - Fremont Fashion Center - 1968

Capwell's celebrated its grand opening on February 22, 1968 at the Fremont Fashion Center.

Part of the sprawling Fremont Meadows development, Fremont Fashion Center was a small mall just a few blocks down Mowry Avenue from the larger Fremont Hub shopping center.

This Capwell's building was designed by Welton Becket & Associates. A sister store exists at the Almaden Fashion Plaza in San Jose, which opened as the Emporium about the same time.

After Capwell's opened a new store at NewPark Mall in Newark, it converted this store to a clearance center. In 1992, the building was sold to Washington Hospital for an expansion project. Currently, it operates as Washington Hospital.




Rob said...

Didn't Emporium-Capwell have an ownership stake in both the Fremont and Almaden centers? I recall they did at the El Cerrito Plaza, which had a similar layout.

By 68 Southland and Sunvalley had opened and it should have been obvious that enclosed multi-anchor centers was where retail was headed. so I wonder: What were they thinking?

BIGMallrat said...

Hey Rob,
Emporiun-Capwell did NOT have a stake in the Fremont Fashion Center. I was under the same impression as you.
Fremont Meadows had intended a second department store to anchor the center. I believe it was illconceived. The mall was far smaller than the Hub and there wasn't room for more. I think Emporium-Capwell was banking on the new BART station and never-built foothill freeway to bring in the shoppers.

Randy said...

The Almaden Emporium which opened later in 1968, had about the same architecture as the Fremont Capwell's.