Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Park Lane Mall - Reno - 1967

Park Lane Mall, formerly Park Lane Centre, in Reno Nevada celebrated its Phase II grand opening in March 1967 (Nevada State Journal, 1967). Phase I was the opening of the Sears department store in September 1965 (Nevada State Journal, 1967). Two more phases, including the addition of the Weinstocks-Hale department store had yet to be completed (Nevada State Journal, 1967).

This mall map from the Nevada State Journal newpaper on March 9, 1967, displays the original layout and stores. The caption under the mall map reads “Parking for 3000 cars. When completed Park Lane will have over 50 fine stores to serve you.”

Park Lane Centre was Reno’s first regional shopping mall, luring Sears from its original downtown Reno location.

Sadly, Park Lane is no more. Changing consumer patterns, loss of anchor stores, and the rising popularity of Meadowood Mall down the street took its toll.



Nevada State Journal. (1967, March 9). Interesting Facts About Park Lane. Nevada State Journal, p. 11A. Retrieved June 14, 2011, from Web site:


Randy said...

Do you know the opening date for Weinstock's? It was sometime in the summer of 1967 after the rest of the mall.

BIGMallrat said...

July 31, 1967 from the Reno Evening Gazette, January 28, 1968, page 23.

Anonymous said...

I walked through this mall back around 2005. The whole place had a an early 80's feel. Other than Gottchalks, there were no major anchors remaining. I loved the parkay flooring and seeing the arcade still in operation. The only issue was the eastern opening was a long dimly lit corridor that felt creepy. Sadly I remember seeing the site (excluding the Gottchalks) turned into a vacant lot. I wonder what has happened to the site now.