Monday, July 11, 2011

South Shore Center is Back

On Friday, Alameda Towne Centre announced on Facebook that it has changed its name back to the familiar South Shore Center.

The renaming of South Shore Center to Alameda Towne Centre by the mall's former owners, Harsh Investment Properties, never gained acceptable by Alamedans. This was evident in the purposeful mispronunciation of the mall name (phonetically), "Alameda Townee Centray." When the mall recently sold to Jamestown, the name regression idea resurfaced in commentaries and local opinion columns.

Apparently, Jamestown agreed and the mall has been officially renamed Alameda South Shore Center. Jamestown next task is to replace the signage for an undisclosed cost.


TenPoundHammer said...

Where were Lucky and Woolworth at this mall?

BIGMallrat said...

Lucky's is where TJ Maxx is now and Woolworth, now demolished, was approximately across from Bed Bath & Beyond.