Thursday, August 25, 2011

Napa Premium Outlets - Bargains Galore

Alright, I admit it. I enjoy the factory outlet malls. I know this is a break with my keen interest in traditional shopping malls, but who can resist a bargain?

For years I'd go to an outlet mall and buy everything in sight. Later, I'd suffer from buyer's remorse due to the crappy seconds or the new understanding of why the merchandise was relegated to outlet status. Now I've learned to try everything on and if the first one doesn't fit, try a second one. Especially shoes. Stores like The Gap have even created stores exclusively for outlet malls. The clothes aren't seconds, but lower priced (and one could argue, quality). Nevertheless, you still feel like you are getting some great deals. By the crowds, I would say others agree.

I recently went to Napa Premium Outlets, the first time in many years. This easily is my favorite due to its great selection of stores and smaller size. I spent 3 hours there and visited about 25% of the stores, purchasing something at each one. Everything fit, everything looks good. I'm ready for fall.

The food selection at Napa Outlets was pretty low. Only three eateries this time (with another coming soon). However, come on, it's Napa! You are a stone's throw to some world-class restaurants. Make it a day.

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