Friday, August 26, 2011

Santana Row, A Shopping Adventure

Santana Row in San Jose is one of two lifestyle shopping centers in the Bay Area. When first conceived, lifestyle centers were billed as the "new" mall. Open air and with a street open to vehicular traffic. Since they were mixed-use, apartments and hotels could be build in the property, creating an instant urban village.

While lifestyle centers across the U.S. have been faring poorly, Santana Row in San Jose is an exception. Successful, popular, and nary a hint of the economic conditions that have affected so many families. Santana Row, in many ways, is reminiscent of a Main Street in Disneyland. Everything perfected down to the last detail. The shopping center is private, so photography is forbidden, among other things (loitering, panhandling, etc.). It's like going to the city without being reminded of the decay of urban society. Escapism. Yeah, it works.
CineArts Theater
So many cities have tried to emulate the success of Santana Row. The City of Fresno has looked at Santana Row as a model for reviving Fulton Mall, long since downtrodden. However, simply plowing a street down the center does not make for a successful shopping center. Santana Row has desirable stores as well as an affluent population base. These are just a few of the essential ingredients needed. Nevertheless as a consumer, it's a great place to hang out and have dinner.

Please see my updated review of Santana Row.




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Randy Hansen said...

The South Bay, and perhaps the entire Bay Area could hopefully support another Saks Fifth Avenue since the closings of the Stanford and Blackhawk stores, and Santana Row would make a perfect fit for Saks.

99 Cent Merchandise said...

What an awesome place to be with:-) Thanks for the tip!

Anonymous said...

I like Santana Row, although I'm not sure the fat, shirtless guy I was BBQ-ing on his apartment deck last time I was there is exactly the look Tiffany & Co is looking for right above their store!

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