Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Sears vs. JC Penney vs. Macy's - The Gloves Come Off

Yesterday I had the pleasure of doing comparative shopping at some of the nations largest department stores: Sears, JC Penney, and Macy's. This was the first time I shopped for the same exact item at all three retailers, so it was a true comparison of selection, price, service and checkout time.

Comparison item: Levi 511 jeans, retail for $58.00.

Location: Southland Mall in Hayward, California.

Sears result:
Store size: 292,000 sq. ft. (source: Rouse Properties Site Plan).
Selection: 5-10 different styles of 511s.
Price: On sale, $42.99
Service: Non-existent (self-serve)
Checkout time: 10 - 15 minute wait.

JC Penney result:
Store size: 156,000 sq. ft. (source: JC Penney Investor Fact Book 2010).
Selection: 5-10 different styles of 511s.
Price: Unknown... no price tags or signage
Service: Non-existent (self-serve)
Checkout time: 3-5 minute wait.

Macy's result:
Store size: 179,000 sq. ft. (source: Macys Fact Book 2011).
Selection: 12-16 different styles of 511s.
Price: On sale, $42.99
Service: Excellent (sales people ask if you need help)
Checkout time: 1-2 minute wait.

In my opinion, Macy's won this challenge. JC Penney wasn't too far behind, regardless of the mystery pricing. Sears... they don't seem to have a clue how to be retailing.

Share your experiences at these stores!



Anonymous said...

There a reason for no Signage at JCPenney on month of January. Come back again on February. Also try check out the Stoneridge Shopping Centre (Mall), Pleasanton, CA.

Anonymous said...

Macy's by far is the only place I will every shop. Never had a bad experience