Thursday, September 06, 2007

Vintage Postcards: Fresno Fashion Fair Mall

Although I typically don't cover Fresno, who could resist the temptation of this beautiful post card? The dark and moody mall with unique lighting and large clock.

The back of the card reads "Center of the Valley. The beautiful Fresno Fashion Fair Mall, controlled temperature the year round. Over 60 shops open 7 days a week to serve shoppers." In Fresno, "controlled temperature" is a good thing, trust me on that. Even today, the weatherman said it's going to be 'Fresno hot.'

Who wouldn't love the ubiquitous Jarman in the background. Even a speck of a See's Candies on the left.

This is one of the earlier malls in the region, although many newer malls have since sprung up. Fresno is also home to the unique Fulton Mall, a street turned pedestrian-only in 1964.


See the current aerial.

Visit the current Website for Fashion Fair Mall.


Steven Swain said...

It's very cool, but it kind of reminds me of the inside of a Ground Round restaurant with all the timber beams

Anonymous said...

Love that old Jarman but is that a slightly different font on the logo or is it the same as it has always been? Can't tell.

Robin said...

Photo must have been taken in the Seventies. Everything is brown and the bell bottoms are of epic size!

AR John said...

Yes, that was the 1970's, growing up in Fresno, I remember when the mall looked like that, that clock(modeled after Grand Central in NY), seemed so much larger when I was a kid. I also remember a lot of the stores like Woolworths had a basement level as well, while Macys, JCPenny, and Weinstocks had basement and 2nd. levels.